004 - On Being A Reformed Evangelical Anglican with Archbishop Dr. Peter Jensen

June 10, 2016

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Anglican Connection Podcast with Dr. Jonathan G. Smith. In this episode, Jonathan is joined by his Anglican Forum colleagues Rev. Dr. Henry Jansma and Rev. Rick Lepage in an interview with Archbishop Dr. Peter Jensen. This interview took place during the 2016 CANA East Synod meeting where the Anglican Forum had the chance to sit down with Dr. Jensen and discuss the role Reformed Evangelical Anglicans have in the Global Communion.

This Episode’s Topic: On Being A Reformed Evangelical

To better understand why this issue matters, the Anglican Forum asked Dr. Jensen a series of questions related to the relationship of theological education and diocesan unity, the importance of the Anglican Formularies, and the future of the Anglican Communion.

What You’ll Discover

  1. The critical importance for a diocese to have a Bible college or seminary committed to historic orthodoxy.
  2. Guidance from Dr. Jensen on relating to non-Reformed Anglicans.
  3. Why Reformed Anglicans are essential to carrying the gospel forward into the 21st century

Start a Conversation

The best part about podcasting is joining in a conversation with you. To help kick off a discussion here is a question to consider:What did you think of the claim by Dr. Jensen that Reformed Evangelical Anglicanism holds the most promise in carrying the gospel forward into the future?How did his stance on relating to non-Reformed Anglicans encourage you in the gospel cause?

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Important Announcement!

June 8, 2016

The Anglican Connection Podcast is moving!  In August 2016, the new home for the Anglican Connection Podcast will be on the Anglican Connection website!  Don't worry, all of the previous episodes will be available!

003 Why Are The 39 Articles Important For Anglicans Today?

March 7, 2016
In Episode 4, host Jonathan Smith introduces a new feature of the Anglican Connection Podcast. It’s called Anglican Forum. The goal of the forum is to provide reformed evangelical Anglican theological resources to ministers, congregations, scholars, and anyone who desires to grow in their understanding of the Scriptures and the Anglican theology that faithfully summarizes its doctrines.

Episode Overview
In this episode host, Jonathan Smith joins his Anglican Forum colleagues Henry Jansma, Matt Kennedy and Rick Lepage to discuss the nature and place of the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion in Anglican theology and practice.

Who is the Anglican Forum?
•    Jonathan is Rector of Redeemer Anglican Church, Orlando FL
•    Henry is Rector of All Souls Anglican Church, Cherry Hill NJ
•    Matt is Rector of Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd, Binghamton NY
•    Rick is Organizing Vicar of Reformation Anglican Church, Gray ME

002- Interview with John Mason Part 2

July 20, 2015

What is the gospel? How does it relate to Anglicans? Who is John Mason? What is the purpose of the Anglican Connection? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed in this audio magazine.  

The Rev. John Mason, founder of Christ Church NY and Provisional Chairman of the Anglican Connection continues his conversation with Dr. Jonathan Smith. In this episode, John goes into detail concerning his understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and its importance to effective ministry in the 21st Century. Drawing from his experience in ministering to individuals during the 9/11 terrorist attacks,  John shares his story about ministry in Sydney and church planting in New York and how this endeavor has led to his larger plans within the Anglican Connection.

For more information on the Anglican Connection Conference, please visit the Anglican Connection Conference website. The conference dates are September 29 - October 1.  


001 - Interview with John Mason Part 1

July 10, 2015

Welcome to the very first episode of the Anglican Connection Podcast!  My name is Dr. Jonathan G. Smith, Rector of Redeemer Anglican Church of Orlando.  In this episode, I had the opportunity to sit down with founder and chairman of the Anglican Connection — a ministry dedicated to spreading biblical and reformational Anglicanism in North America.

In this episode, John and I focus on ArchBishop Thomas Cranmer’s pioneering work in his Book of Common Prayer.  We discuss the major differences between his two prayerbooks, the 1549 BCP and 1552 BCP. 

If you would like more information about the Anglican Connection or the upcoming Anglican Connection Conference, please visit anglicanconnection.com and anglicanconnectionconference.com.  This year’s conference theme is “Effective Gospel Ministry.”  Register today!